Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knitting to a Deadline

The Cold Feet socks are half done. I did have to give away the secret, and I asked Jeff if he would come by and try on the one I have completed, before I close the toe. That was 5 days ago, and it is still sitting here. I have 14 days to finish the second sock. If it's overall length is 20", that means I have to knit about 1.5" per day to finish in time. Yesterday I decided to cast on as if the first sock fit and get going. I got about an inch done at the ball game last night. So, by the end of today I need to have 3" done. That's my goal.

This weekend I also finished the Coronet hat for my friend at work. I sent her an email and she is looking forward to receiving it on Wednesday. This hat is one of the examples of why you should read the WHOLE PATTERn before you start. The directions said to knit the band, then with the wrong side facing, pick up and knit around the band. This puts the purl side out (apparently). After I had knit about 3" like this, I realized that the purl side would be out, and ripped it out and started again, so that the knit side was the same side as the knit side of the band. I knit along for about 5 more inches and then I realized that the pattern wanted me to knit another FOUR INCHES! This would make the hat waaaay too long for anybody but a conehead. I read the rest of the instructions. The last line said, "flip the band to the outside". So it had been right to begin with! I should really read all the directions. Instead I knitted 2" less on the hat and then finished the top and DIDN'T flip the band. It still looks the same, but it's not as warm around the ears as it was meant to be. Linda won't know. Unless she reads this.

After this sock I'm going to switch to sewing and get those dresses for the wedding done. They usually don't take as long as knitting.

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