Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Third Time's Charm

Once upon a time, this yarn was in skeins. It's a bamboo blend that I got at a local fabric store years ago. Over the course of a YEAR, I knit it into a rather shapeless sweater, which had so many problems with it (caused by me) and was so frustrating to look at as a result, that I frogged it and it sat around like this for 2 more years.

Since it was bamboo, I decided I would try again, but this time make a short-sleeved summer sweater. So, the yarn took a bath and hung lightly weighted over the bathtub for 24 hours, and then it looked like this:

I took it to my local yarn store, Black Sheep Wool, and used their skein winder to wind it into usable skeins. So far I have the back and most of the front finished. The sleeves, as I said, are short, and have a lace pattern on them, which I am really excited to get to but . . . Murphy's Law. . . they are the last thing to be made.

This is my Home Project because it's rather bulky to carry around.

The tie, mentioned previously, is my Traveling Project because it is small and can fit into my bag.

I'll keep you updated on both.

It's Alive!

After 11 months, I finished the Handsome Husband sweater! And he's worn it multiple times! I should have posted about it sooner, but life (and death) got in the way and I forgot.

Also, Not-So-Small Son was taken with the idea of a knitted tie. I found a pattern, and a color he liked (yellow, of course), and literally whipped it out. I had some trouble lining it because the instructions are overly fussy and came to naught, but eventually it got done. He wore it on Sunday but I was . . . out of commission. As soon as I catch him in it again, I'll get a pic posted.

Then, Handsome Husband liked the tie and wanted one for himself, in a different color of course. I'm in the middle of that. It's miles of tiny rows and lots of turns, so rather monotonous.

I also made some beautiful fingerless gloves with a lace inset on the back, in black to match my band sweater. Pics also to be posted soon . . . probably after Memorial Day, as my time is not my own this weekend. I usually spend it wandering through cemeteries and piping for the living--and the dead. I have another skein of French Provincial Blue for another pair of these gloves, and Oldest Daughter wants a pair in Burgundy . . . Luckily, they're quickly made.

After Memorial Day weekend.