Friday, April 22, 2016

A Beautiful Daughter Blanket

Beautiful Daughter Blanket

I am too nice.  People keep telling me this, but I carry on being too nice.  This often gets me into trouble.

For example. . .

I made a Twinkle, Twinkle baby blanket (by Helen Stewart) for my new grandson, Grant.

This is Grant.

 I lined it with Minky cloth, and it is soft and warm and washable, and he loves it.

This is Grant falling asleep snuggled in his Twinkle Twinkle blanket
His mother (my daughter) loves it, too.  One winter evening (February) while she was snuggling under a blanket on her couch, she wished for a big blanket lined with Minky cloth just for her.

Her birthday was a few weeks later, so on the day, I promised her a blanket of her own, lined with Minky cloth.

I found a great pattern that's mostly a bastetweave (what she likes) called A Beautiful Daughter Blanket by Cheryl Brunette, and I found a bunch of bulky yarn in medium gray, and cast on.  I planned to make it 3'x5', with a border of stabilizing stitches all around, about 1.5" wide.

Beautiful Daughter blanket, early in its construction
It was very easy to memorize the pattern, but Holy Cow is it heavy!  It wears my wrists out holding it up to knit on it.  I have about 4' knit so far.

The second thing is that it is a Cat Magnet.   As soon as I get comfy in my chair with the blanket spread out around me, cats appear out of nowhere and lie down on it.  They are not amused when I have to turn the whole thing over at the end of each row, dislodging them from their comfort and relaxation.

Let me finally say that I really, really need to get this finished before summer starts, because it is REALLY warm.

And I would like to be working on something teensy.