Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Fits! . . . sort of . . .

We finally got Jeff over here to try on his sock, and it fits! Sort of. The leg length and width is fine (skinny legs), but the toe was too long. No problem! I'll just pull out the holding yarn, unravel it back to 1" before the toe started, and knit the toe again. The second sock doesn't need to be so long, either. I volunteered Cat a matching pair for her . . . AFTER the wedding. She was pleased.

Jeff apparently is also pleased with the socks, which is another good thing.

My goal yesterday was to get to 4.5" and I only got to 4.25". Today my goal is 6". I'm almost done with Skein #1. I hope I remember where Skein #2 is.

Now I will stop blogging and start knitting.

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