Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waiting for Baby

My daughter is expecting a new baby any minute now, and that baby is causing all sorts of physical and emotional turmoil!  She is engaged far down in her mother's pelvic girdle. The cervix is dilated to 3 (last I heard) and 60% effaced. Braxton-Hicks contractions are happening, mostly in the evening. But no actual baby is forthcoming.

I have finished the Blessing Blanket for her, in white acrylic.
I made tiny booties that look like strawberries.
I am working on a cloche hat in the same yarn as her blessing blanket.

But still no baby.

My step daughter, Em, due a week ago, had her baby on May the 4th.  She had a little Jedi ("May the fourth be with you.") I got a little hoodie
and matching booties
off to her, as well as a sewn nursing cover-up with boning in the top to keep air circulating and maintain eye contact between mother and baby.
(This is commonly known as an Udder Cover, and I found the instructions to make it here, at

Still no new baby in our family.

Guess I'll start on some tiny Mary Janes. . .

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