Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Alive!

After 11 months, I finished the Handsome Husband sweater! And he's worn it multiple times! I should have posted about it sooner, but life (and death) got in the way and I forgot.

Also, Not-So-Small Son was taken with the idea of a knitted tie. I found a pattern, and a color he liked (yellow, of course), and literally whipped it out. I had some trouble lining it because the instructions are overly fussy and came to naught, but eventually it got done. He wore it on Sunday but I was . . . out of commission. As soon as I catch him in it again, I'll get a pic posted.

Then, Handsome Husband liked the tie and wanted one for himself, in a different color of course. I'm in the middle of that. It's miles of tiny rows and lots of turns, so rather monotonous.

I also made some beautiful fingerless gloves with a lace inset on the back, in black to match my band sweater. Pics also to be posted soon . . . probably after Memorial Day, as my time is not my own this weekend. I usually spend it wandering through cemeteries and piping for the living--and the dead. I have another skein of French Provincial Blue for another pair of these gloves, and Oldest Daughter wants a pair in Burgundy . . . Luckily, they're quickly made.

After Memorial Day weekend.

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